Welcome to Spring 2017 new members and some updates

The Mixolydians are happy to welcome two new members: Naomi Glascock '20 and Dylan Shumway '20. They were just initiated Monday (2/6) night, and we're very excited to start off the semester with them!

Some other updates:

  • Paula Tartell '18 and Lizzie Whitney '19 are currently studying abroad in Denmark and Germany, respectively. We will miss them this semester and look forward to seeing them again in the fall.
  • We plan on trying to host a short mid-semester concert this year, as that's not something we've done in quite some time. 
  • More non-Western music this semester!!! The Mixolydians try to sing a diverse repertoire of music, and we're hoping to include both more music from non-European or non-Western European countries and from female identifying or non-male identifying composers. 


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