Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sneaks of Spring

Thank you Holing for posting these videos online!

Here's a snapshot (one that moves and sings) of our Spring Concert 2008 ... enjoy!

"Ithema Lami"

"PokPok Alimpako"

"O Magnum Mysterium"

"Tosaka Mimasaka"

Thanks for all the support, and keep listening!

Friday, May 9, 2008

What a Concert!

Despite the minor downpour we experienced this afternoon, we'd like to thank each and every one of you for coming to the Mixolydians Spring Concert! It was an eventful performance that was extremely well received by the Wesleyan community.

Thank you all for making it a success!

Today's Concert

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pok Pok Alimpako!

The Mixolydians are back for their Fourth ever music-infusion!

"Pokpok Alimpako Pok!" (Pound your hands) and get ready for a different sonic palette, as the Mixolydians present their fourth offering of choral music! For once, deny Bach, Beethoven and Brahms their stage-time, and enjoy startling new choral music from Europe and Southeast Asia.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to sample works by composers such as Francisco Feliciano (Philippines), Gyorgy Orban (Hungary), Zachariah Goh (Singapore), Ko Matsushita (Japan) and Victor Paranjoti (India). From muslim chants, sacred motets to plain zany children's game-songs, we dare you to engage your ears.

TIME: 3pm

Don't miss it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Notes from a singer

Where are our manners!

We would like to congratulate and welcome three fabulous new additions to our ensemble this semester:

* Becca Cimino '11
* Brenna Wagner '11
* Mike Gaines '11

In addition, of course, to our already fantastic members of this crooning chorale. Currently, we're on the verge of reeling from mid-terms, and on the cusp of rejoicing on behalf of Spring Break! Lots of interesting things to watch out for this semester to usher in the garlands of Spring. Our Spring concert is currently in the planning, boasting well-known favourites by Sonic artists Eric Whitacre and Morten Lauridsen, as well as other nasty choral swash-buckling works by more obscure scrawlers. Who are nonetheless mind-blowing. Also, as in tradition, we will be presenting a fine offering of Asian Choral Music, some of which have already become firmly cemented in the cannon of new Asian works overseas. Furthermore, and mark my word of excitement, we have students from Wesleyan University's Music Department penning original never-before-heard works for us - all the more reason to WATCH THIS SPACE.

Till then, have a pain-free shot of mid-terms, followed by an awesome Spring Break: nothing less is expected.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

18th Annual Chester Winter Carnivale

On the 17th of February, The Mixolydians trooped down to the charming town of Chester for the 18th Annual Chester Winter Carnivale - a half-day celebration involving members of the local community. Besides crooning along the streets, we made multiple pilgrimages to the local Art Gallery to sing - in exchange, of course, for hot chocolate and home-made whipped cream!

Some photographs from our recent exploits...