Notes after the Fall (semester)

This is your resident singer Hansel speaking; *tests mic*: time to wipe the sweat off the brow and send those vocal cords into rehab! The Mixolydians are more-or-less done with their Fall semester, and it's simply amazing to see how much we've grown in musicianship, strength and musical vigor. Sure, we're a little bite-size at 10, but the music we've made continues to push our boundaries, challenge expectations, challenge listening codes. So here's a little round-up of our Fall Semester so far:

1. Freshmen Orientation Concert
Poised outside Usdan, the collective a cappella groups make their first show to potential freshmen. Reuniting with some past members, we struck out Holloran's "Witness" once more, and a few other happy tunes

2. Family Weekend A cappella Concert
The new frosh make their first-ever appearance in Crowell Concert Hall, milking notes for their worth with Carillo's heart-melting O Magnum Mysterium, and the rollicking crowd-favorite "Wade in the Water". Yes, even with key change.

3. The Mixolydians Fall Concert
Our annual concert, celebrating our 4th year in existence. Technically, the mixes are sizzling seniors in collegiate age, rolling out some old favorites of ours such as an aleatoric rendition of "Viva La Musica", Stephen Leek's hand-clapping/foot-stomping "Kungala" and some feisty loving with Orlando de Lassus' "Matona Mia Cara". A special section this year went to the celebration of the female voice, with performances of "Hojaja!" and - my personal favorite - Francis Poulenc's "Ave Verum Corpus", a piece written in 1952 during his postsecular religious turn after numerous gruesome deaths of his friends. The blood-curdling "Corpus Christi" gives me shivers all the time. Also, we return a word of thanks to our American sponsors with "Shenandoah" and "Wade in the Water".

4. Caroling in New Haven
One word: COLD.

5. Performance for the Middletown Commerce Meeting

So, with these and others under our belt, we look forward to a new semester of singing, of challenging repertoire, of no-holds-barred blissful music-making.

And the youtube videos are a'coming in. Keep listening.


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